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          2. Welcome to Guangxi Nanning Junwei Feed Co.,Ltd. website!
            Tel: +86-771-5610784

            The Pioneer in Precise Absorption of Microelement

            - A World-class Production Base of Microelement Additives -

            ABOUT US

            Specialized in various individual microelement and compound minerals

            Established in 1993, Guangxi Nanning Junwei Feed Co., Ltd. is an manufacturing enterprise of various high-quality feed grade single microelement and additive premix feeds. More >
            As one of the earliest enterprises in the same industry in China with independent import and export rights, our company has excellent production equipment, advanced technology, strict quality control, and perfect management system. Our company got the certifications of ISO9001 quality management system and IQnet in 2005.
            As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Junwei, Guangxi Nanning Yiwei Feed Technology Co., Ltd. obtained the EU FAMI- QS certification and HACCP system license in 2012. In 2004, our company was awarded the title of "Trusted Product in Feed Industry" by China Feed Industry Association.


            It has 20 years of experience in the exploration, production and application of microelement.
            It is an enterprise with independent investment rights in the same industry in China


            Follow the latest news and information of Guangxi Nanning Junwei Feed Co., Ltd.

            Contact us
            Tel: +86-771-5616003
            No. 1 Sales Department: +86-771-5611937
            No. 2 Sales Department (Export): +86-771-5610784
            Fax: +86-771-5611927
            E-mail: yiweifeed@aliyun.com yiyiweiwei@tom.com
            Address: Weisi Rd,Liujing Industry Dist.,Nanning, Guangxi,China
            Copyright(C)2021, Guangxi Nanning Junwei Feed Co.,Ltd. All Rights Reserved.
            Supported by ChemNet
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